Newsletter Regulations


In force since 6 of September 2023


    1. These regulations govern the use of the Newsletter service.
    2. The Newsletter service is provided by Kazar Group Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Przemyśl at ul. Lwowska 154, 37-700 Przemyśl, Poland, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court in Rzeszów, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000132965, with a share capital of PLN 150,000, with tax identification number NIP: 795 15 32 361, Regon number: 651500282, BDO: 000030990 hereinafter referred to as Kazar.

      Contact details:

         1)  postal address:

                  Kazar Group Sp. z o.o.
      ul. Lwowska 154
                  37-700 Przemyśl

         2)  e-mail address:

    3. The Newsletter service involves Kazar sending you, to an email address, specify information in the form of an electronic letter, hereinafter referred to as the "Newsletter". The Newsletter service is free of charge and for an indefinite period.
    4. The Newsletter contains information about Kazar’s offers, new collections, current promotions, information about opening new stores, and other news about Kazar and its products, including opinions, press releases, and suggested links.
    5. The Newsletter is sent at least every seven days.
    6. Each Newsletter contains:
         1)   information about Kazar Group Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Przemyśl as the
              issuer of the Newsletter,
         2)  the subject of the mail specifying the contents of the given Newsletter,
         3)  information on how to unsubscribe from the Newsletter service or how to change the
              subscribed email address.  
    7. Using the Newsletter service requires you to have a computer or other media device with access to the internet, as well as an active email account.
    8. The user may order the Newsletter service by following registration process on the website,
      1)  entering an email address in the relevant space on the web page,
      2)  agreeing to be sent commercial information at the email address specified in the form,
      3)  accepting these Regulations,
      4)  clicking on the button "Sign In",
      5)  clicking the link on the email from Kazar welcoming you to the Newsletter service, to
           confirm your registration.
    9. Clicking on the link confirming your registration and adds your email to the mailing list.

    10. You have to provide an email address when subscribing to the Newsletter. No other personal data is required but you may provide such data at your discretion and data processing is subject to your consent. Personal data is used to  set up your profile and to allow the content of the Newsletter to be adjusted to best suit your needs.

    11. Data controller of the users' personal data is Kazar Group Sp. z o.o. The User may contact us by writing to the following address: ul. Lwowska 154, 37-700 Przemyśl, Poland.

    We have appointed a Data Protection Officer whom the user can contact in matters concerning the protection of their personal data and the processing of their rights, by writing to

    We process the user’s personal data in connection with their participation in the Newsletter.

    Providing personal data and giving consent to participate in the Newsletter is voluntary.

    The legal basis for the processing of the user's personal data is the consent given and the processing of the user's data itself, which is carried out by the Act of 18 July, 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means.

    Personal data shall be stored until the user's consent is withdrawn.

    The users’ personal data will be transferred to companies providing services to Kazar in the scope of ICT, legal and marketing activities.

    In connection with our use of information systems supporting our Company's operations, the user’s personal data may be imported to third parties, within the meaning of countries, i.e. the United States of America, however, transfer and processing of such data, in that territory shall be based on the standard data protection clauses established by the European Commission, thus guaranteeing an adequate level of protection for the user’s data.

    The user has the right to request access to their data and to receive a copy of it, to rectify, transfer and delete it, as well as the right to restrict data processing.

    In connection with our processing of the user’s personal data, they have the right to object to the data being processed, the right to bring a complaint with the Chairman of the Office for Personal Data Protection and the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of the user’s personal data.

    Based on the user's personal data, we will profile them, i.e. based on their place of residence, age and gender, we will present them selected offers that may be of interest to the user. The user has the right to object to the aforementioned action at any time by unsubscribing from the service.

    1. You have the right to receive information on whether and how your personal data is being processed, as well as the aim and scope of data processing.

    2. You may, at any time, for any reason and at no cost, change the email address to which the Newsletter is sent, or unsubscribe from the Newsletter service by clicking on the button "Newsletter" in the footer of each Newsletter, and by entering the email address and then selecting "Sign Out".

    3. Under the Newsletter service, you are prohibited from sending any illegal content.

    4. Complaints concerning the Newsletter service can be made by email at         

    5. We recommend that any complaints include, in particular: a description of the matter referred to in the complaint, the email address provided when registering for the Newsletter service, and the email address or postal address to which a response to the complaint should be sent, if you would like to receive a response to the complaint to an email address that is different to the one provided when registering for the Newsletter service, and your preferred method of being informed about the complaint procedure. We will consider your complaint and will address it immediately, within 14 days from the date of Kazar receiving your complaint. We will inform you about how the complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the method requested when submitting the complaint. The above recommendation is only given as an example, which you do not need to follow, and the complaint will not be affected if you do not follow it. If there are any deficiencies in the submitted complaint, Kazar will inform you at the address indicated when submitting the complaint and will ask you to supplement the complaint.

    6. Kazar reserves the right to change the Regulations. We will announce changes to the Regulations on the website https:/, setting out a list of changes that will remain on the website for a period of at least 14 consecutive calendar days. We will also inform you about changes to the Regulations in the Newsletter and in a message sent to the email address provided when subscribing, with details of the changes to the Regulations. Changes to the Regulations will be announced at least 14 calendar days before the changes to the Regulations come into force.

    7. Changes to the Regulations become binding on the date given in the information about the change, but at least 14 calendar days after the changes of the Regulations are announced. The changed Regulations will be binding on you if you do not unsubscribe from the Newsletter service within 14 days from the date of receiving information about a change.

    8. These Regulations are available free of charge at in a form that allows you to download, open and save them using your media device. The contents of the agreement concluded concerning the Newsletter service is saved, secured and made available to subscribers once it is sent to the email address specified when subscribing for the service.

    9. We recommend that you read the Privacy and cookies policy, available at